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  Narch 2nd, 2020
Lichfield & District Allotments Society

High Peak

Lichfield & District Allotments Society

Annual Show

Annual Show 2016

Annual Show 2016

Potato Competition

Potato Competition

Currently, Lichfield has five allotment sites, each with its own representative, and on the index to the left, you may visit each site and see what is going on. There is a Location Map if you are unsure of where each site is, but if you wish to join, be advised that there is a waiting list and you need to put your name down via the Contact Page.

There is an interactive Members Q & A page where you may post your queries, and any member can give a reply and share their knowledge, because our policy is always to help one another. Some members are old hands, but many are new to allotment gardening, and we all need a helping hand at some stage.

Our Plot Post is sent out twice a year to members and a copy is posted on its own page here, and we also have a page of Hints and Tips, as well as Seasonal Hints and gossip for the interest of readers.

Enjoy this web site ... and be fruitful.

Forthcoming Events 2019
March 12th
7.30pm at the Social Club, Purcell Ave.
Guest speaker
August 17th
Summer Show Curborough Community Centre
viewing from 2.30pm
Friday November 15th
Social Evening
8.00pm at the Social Club, Purcell Ave.
Watch out for future dates

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