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  January 28th, 2019
Lichfield & District Allotments Society

High Peak


Lichfield Allotments Society
August is generally hot and sultry with the odd thundery shower. Having done most of the hard work through the spring and early summer, this is a good time to potter around and enjoy all your produce.


During hot days I'll be keeping the hoe handy, striking out the weeds as they grow, they will quickly wilt and dry up provided the soil is bone dry. I'll also be doing some watering daily, giving most crops a really thorough soaking once a week, however I must resist the temptation to water my carrots & parsnips as they easily split when given a sudden dousing.


The only thing I have got planned to sow is cabbage for growing on as spring greens, most seed merchants have varieties especially suited to greens when planted at close spacing, this year I'm trying "April" by Thompson & Morgan which should produce delicious greens in February through March next year.


During the first week of the month I plan to put in my last cauliflowers and broccoli that were sown at home during early July, although a bit of an experiment, with luck I should get some results by late October.


The strawberry runners that I pegged down last month will be ready to be severed and planted in their final positions, it will still be possible to peg a few more down provided I get a few more strong runners developing. My autumn bliss raspberries will be given a final spray of derris to ensure the fruits are grub free.

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