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  January 28th, 2019
Lichfield & District Allotments Society

High Peak

Do's and Dont's

Lichfield Allotments Society

Questions have been asked recently about allotment rules, so reproduced below is a summary of the most important ones to observe.

  • Do make sure you only use your plot for the cultivation of vegetables and flowers. No animal or bird can be kept or let loose on the allotment.
  • Do keep your plot properly cultivated & reasonably free from weeds. Paying the annual rent does not mean you can please yourself whether to bother or not.
  • Do note that carpet & under felt is banned from all of the Society's sites.
  • Don't sublet or assign any part of your plot without the specific consent of the Society
  • Do remember that each tenant has a responsibility to maintain the path to the right hand side of their plot when viewed from the track, this path must be trimmed and cut and kept not less than 24" wide.
  • Do make sure you are good neighbours and remember you must not cause, permit or suffer any nuisance from other allotmenteers.
  • Don't erect any plot boundary fence more than one metre high. Also note that sheds, greenhouses and trees are not allowed.
  • Do note that fires are not encouraged, material that cannot be composted should be taken to the Council Waste Site.
  • Do clear your plot of old and decaying plants at the end of the season, leaving them only encourages disease and vermin.
  • Do remember that each of you have a responsibility to ensure that you close and lock the gate if you are last to leave the site.
  • Plotholders who fall asleep while working, are kindly requested to refrain from snoring as it upsets the wildlife.
  • Please remember that grandchildren are not suitable for composting, even if they do trample all over the young seedlings.
  • If you decide to die on the allotment, please remember to fall down so that you can be disposed of in a suitable manner, otherwise you might be mistaken for a scarecrow.

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