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  January 28th, 2019
Lichfield & District Allotments Society

High Peak


Lichfield Allotments Society
Temperatures in February can be even lower than in January with hard frosts, heavy rain and occasional snow. Winds are usually lighter this month, the days are getting longer and there is more sunshine.


With all the heavy rain in January I'm struggling to complete the jobs I set myself, even when we had a sunny day the ground was mostly too saturated to walk on. Never mind, I can catch up this month which in turn will ensure I get off to a flying start come March with the early planting & sowing. So here's my jobs for February;
  • Dig in the manure that I spread last month.
  • Lay some plastic sheeting to warm the soil for early potatoes.

If the weather improves I must get round to planting shallots, if it stays wet then I'll put them in 3 inch pots and start them off in the cold greenhouse. I expect my germinated onion seed which was sown last month will be ready to prick out in to 24s, i.e. 24 cells in a standard seed tray, they are still at the loop stage and although the advice is contradictory, I plan to move them on in the first week of the month.

Second on this months "to do" list is to start chitting my early and second early potatoes, they are already in eggs trays but need moving in to the light so that the sprouts grow slow & strong, for my main crop I've gone for slug resistant varieties such as Kestral, King Edward & Markies which are supposed to have good resistance.

If the weather is good towards the month end I will also be looking to sow some early brassicas at home to grow on steadily for mid April planting on the plot.


One thing is for sure - we are not short of bugs, slugs, disease or two & four legged pests around our precious plots, I must admit to being a very fussy eater and the thought of tatty produce half chewed and riddled with holes just puts me off eating it.

Whilst most of my thoughts are included in the Spring Plot Post, I didn't describe what I was actually planning to do this month in the battle against the bugs. So I'm making another wood frame from treated timber which will be covered with enviromesh, it will cover around 6 sq metres and be 0.75 metres high, as such it should be easily moveable and be high enough to grow Brussel Sprouts & the tallest Broccoli.

Unfortunately it's not only brassicas that need protection, just about everything we grow is attacked, the other method I'm using is the tunnel cover made from lengths of blue water pipe simply pushed into the ground and covered by either fleece, environmesh or fine plastic netting.

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