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  January 28th, 2019
Lichfield & District Allotments Society

High Peak


Lichfield Allotments Society
In May there will be some beautiful days, although the nights can still be chilly. Everything is growing fast and you can look forward to the first crops of the new season. We should see the end of the frosts later in the month and those protective covers can be put away.


If there was ever a month to keep on hoeing this is the one, all those weed seeds that I brought to the surface should have germinated and if left unchecked will compete with my precious plants for goodness & moisture. I will also be thinning out my carrots, parsnips & beetroot as soon as they are large enough to handle. During the month I expect to be earthing up the potatoes at least a couple of times to make sure that none of the new tubers turn green.


The runner beans & sweet corn that I planted at home will be going out during the last week of the month, the latter being planted in a grid pattern to aid wind pollination. Further plantings will be made of all brassicas and I'll take care to fit large collars made from roofing felt to foil the grubs of the cabbage root fly, also going in are the last of my onions along with leeks, both under tunnels of protective net against the leaf miner. The final vegetable to go out will be my celery, I've never had success so this year I'm using a 15 in X 12in trench in the hope that I can give them enough water as well as having plenty of scope to earth them up.


At last I have some space again in my small greenhouse which will give me the opportunity to sow some more cauliflowers for the freezer and savoy cabbage for Autumn eating.


I'll be making a final sowing of peas, carrots and beetroot for the early autumn, if everything goes to plan these will be destined for storage.


As my raspberries develop I'll be cutting out unwanted shoots, I want good air circulation along with getting plenty of sunshine through to the berries and to avoid a mass tangle when they are cropping. Later in the month I want to erect a fine plastic mesh around my strawberries. If I sink this mesh 2 in into the soil I find it stops the mice eating or spoiling the fruit, I used to blame the birds but now know it's the mice that are the biggest culprits, also I will be cutting off any early runners that develop as at this stage they weaken the yield.

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