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  January 28th, 2019
Lichfield & District Allotments Society

High Peak


Lichfield Allotments Society
This month will see temperatures drop and clear frosty nights are likely in most places. The days are drawing in so there is less time to work on the allotment, it's a good month for rough digging the ground for the winter weather to break it down.


As I finish the autumn harvest I'll be clearing away the debris, most of it will go on to the compost heap but anything infected by pests or disease will be bagged up and taken home for the council to deal with.


I'm expecting a load of cow manure early in the month, when it arrives it will be spread along with the horse manure obtained during the summer over 75% of the plot, I'll probably wait until at least November or even December before digging it in. The remaining 25% of ground should give me plenty of space for next years carrots & parsnips. My previous years compost bin will be emptied and used in the area designated for the carrots & parsnips.


Whilst there is very little that can be successfully planted at this time of year, I will be again putting in autumn onion sets and a shallot called "Eschalote Grise, T & M who's new catalogue is on the web site have a good selection, both will be protected with mesh against the dreaded leaf miner. Although I won't be planting any you could also try garlic and broad beans, both stand well through the winter and the resulting crops are much earlier than those sown in spring.


I mentioned earlier in the year that I intended to use a mixture of "Armillotox" when planting all my brassicas to combat the ravages of club root (see entry on the web site for details). Well I can now report that it appears to have worked very well, I haven't lost a single plant to the disease this year, and all varieties produced strong healthy root systems.

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