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  April 20th, 2017
Lichfield & District Allotments Society

High Peak


Lichfield Allotments Society
Chairman: Judith Kirby
Treasurer: Paul Thompson
Secretary: Shirley Londesborough
Editor: Andy Evans


I would like to take this opportunity to ask for you to show your appreciation of all the good work done by your site representatives and other members of the committee by coming along and visiting our Annual Summer Show which will be held this year on Saturday 20th August at the Curborough Community Centre between 2.30 & 4.00 pm.

The Plot Post

I am appealing for any help you can give me in obtaining articles to publish in our Plot Post, I have recently lost numerous articles that I had lined up for future publications.


Carrots: Sweet Candle
Cauliflower: Clapton (Club Root Resistant)
Runner Beans: Stenner or Enorma
Potato: Kestral or Sarpo Mira
Peas: Hurst Greenshaft
Brussel Sprouts: Crispus (Club Root Resistant)
Leeks: Welsh Seeding
Onion Sets: Radar or Santero
Swede: Gowrie (Club Root Resistant)
Sweet Corn: Swift or Lark
Summer Cabbage: Hispi or Sonsma
Winter Cabbage: Tarvoy or Tundra
Calabrese: Marathon

GARDENING CROSSWORD .... Answers at the end of Plot Post - no cheating!



6 A winter flowerer, which, we hear, has green-brown hue (10)
8/24 Engaged girl's popular summer bedder (4,6)
10 This weed can irritate the unwary gardener! (6)
11 Down-to-earth propagation technique? (8)
12 AA Travel can supply shrub with hollyhock-like flowers (8)
15 One sign of a worm and the French build a fortification! (6)
16 Half-hardy annual held by Jane, me, Sian (7)
17 White powdery coating of fungi, harmful to plants (7)
19 Hilda a variety of this showy perennial! (6)
21 Collection of stony figures in a formal garden (8)
22 Tool for the pushy sort of weeder? (5,3)
24 See 8
26 Small island hidden by arabis leaves (4)
27 Like leaves of e.g. Euonymus fortunei 'Silver Queen' (10)


1 Deciduous tree - spread on the brassica plot? (4)
2 Footwear ruined by hose! (4)
3 Rhododendron, strictly speaking (6)
4 Heavy, sticky soil (4)
5 One Ribes variety is Candytuft! (6)
7 Modest countryside home giving its name to an informal type of garden (7)
9 Just one of Van Gogh's famous bloomers! (9)
13 Summer bedders make a mug stare (9)
14 Heather - or another girl (5)
15 This eastern country helps make mulch in abundance! (5)
18 Deciduous shrub: the species gracilis has pure white flower clusters (7)
20 With which rocks may be spotted (6)
21 Asher's broken trimmers (6)
23 A source of honey, some chives (4)
24 Vegetable grown to win prizes in Staffordshire? (4)
25 Holly's in Brazil, exploring! (4)


Each of our sites has one or more reps, their details are given below. Please make sure that you know your rep, we are there to help resolve any problems or queries that you may come across, if a query cannot be answered then you can be sure it will be taken to the monthly committee meeting for further consideration. However, please remember that your site rep is just a volunteer trying to give a little back to the society so that we can all get the best out of our precious plots.

The MoggsPeter Beach251574
 Ken Alcock304261
Beacon StreetTony Lee252118
NetherstoweSimon Smart258551
 John Smart300370
 Rachel Frost444943
Cherry OrchardJim Curtis304839
ChristchurchHeather Rourke255991
 Andy Evans411296
 Nigel Thacker07518 311129


From time to time both ourselves, The Allotment Society, and the City Council receive complaints about smoke and smut affecting neighbouring houses from the occasional fire on the allotments.

Our position has in the past been quite clear, "Fires are not encouraged, any material that cannot be composted should be taken home or to the Council Waste Site". However, whilst we wish to be good neighbours to those families that border our sites we do accept that a carefully controlled fire is acceptable provided the material being burnt is dry and virtually smoke free. With this in mind please adhere to the following points;
  • Ensure that green material is composted.
  • Take items that cannot be composted home or to the Council Site.
  • Only burn dry material that gives off the minimum amount of smoke.
  • Make sure that the wind direction is blowing away from neighbouring houses.

Unfortunately, should we continue to get complaints then we will have to consider an outright ban on allotment fires especially at Beacon Street & Cherry Orchard as the housing is especially close to these sites.


If you have not already done so, then why not visit the Tamworth Allotment Shop, they stock just about everything you might need and it's very cheap! When you first go tell them you want to join, it costs 3.50, you get a card for the current year with your number on it, you can then spend as much as you like in the shop - highly recommended.

Directions: Take the A51 out of Lichfield towards Tamworth, at the first island, Fox Pub, take the second exit and continue towards Tamworth, on the left and around 50 metres before the next island you will see the 30mph limit sign, turn left immediately after the sign into the allotment yard, the shop is a large wooden shed. Opening times are;
9.00am to 12.00noon
Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun.


We have recently added more links to Suppliers and Growers for your online shopping, if you haven't checked it out recently then click on links.


Please be sure to advise us when you change your email address or telephone number.


Your committee wish you a successful season and look forward to your continued support, hope to see you all at the Summer Show.


Andy Evans

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