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  January 28th, 2019
Lichfield & District Allotments Society

High Peak

Seasonal Hints and Tips

Bird Scarers
Net Cloches

These net cloches are good for brassicas to keep the pigeons and butterflies off, and at the same time enable watering to penetrate easily, and come from Planters at Tamworth. They are a Gardman product

Click on the links below for: .. and for flower and veg help pages ..
We will try and bring you, and keep you up to date with useful and current tips. Meanwhile I found these on the Moggs, and a fun way of keeping the birds away.

Our own Pat Barden has been bold enough to let us get an idea of what he is doing in the months ahead, but please bear in mind that non of us are experts, we are simply sharing what we know and do at the moment

We will add some hints on vegetable and flower growing, which will be collected from anyone who wishes to contribute. To start things off, I have always specialised in growing dahlias, so I have started a page on things that have worked for me over the years.

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